Funky Fresh Studio has successfully conducted its first ever Junior Dance Camp held in Kuala Lumpur on 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2019. 

Due to warm welcoming from JDC 2019, Funky Fresh Studio is delighted to present and to launch its first
ever Junior Dance Class to be held exclusively for children, age
between 7 to 17 years old in Malaysia starting from January 2020.




Our core attention is to provide a solid platform and deep understanding of dance choreography, by providing the exposure to these children at a young age.


We want to create more new generation of young dancers who understand the right essence and the right flow of dance choreography.

The Ambassador

We are proud to announce,
Armani Kowachee as the ambassador of Junior Dance Camp. She is also a junior face of JD Sports Malaysia. Kowachee is a talented hip-hop dancer. She is a young dance icon in Malaysia’s dance scene.

The Line Ups

A Malaysian proud of Hip Hop
Foundation guru. Actively winning battle championship locally and internationally

They are Peot,
Fridayboogie &
Suicidewednesday. This
trio is the idol of hip hop

The queen of swag represent
a versatile style of hip hop and
urban choreography. Teaching
kids for years

A creative choreographer who
has created many viral dance
moves in Malaysia for well- known artistes’ music videos. A member of Zeppoyoungsterz who won
prestigious awards, both
locally and internationally

One of the most creative choreographer, his choreography is well verse and details

A Malaysian proud GURU of
HIP-HOP. He is the OG in this
dance industry. Actively
teaching classes and produce
quality dancers in Malaysia



​Amir - 0138936617

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